Hey there!

Welcome to Curry Spy.

Where's the name from? Well, to cut a long story short I love curry.

I was tired of trying to make recipes off the internet that were nothing like the authentic Indian takeaway curries that I liked to order. I wanted to know how they were made. I mean, it couldn't be that difficult, could it? 

I saw that the best way to learn was to watch the masters at work... So I took a job in an Indian restaurant...

As a dish washer.

And I paid careful attention.

The odd picture here, the odd jotting down of a spice or two there... You know how it is.

After several months (and several thousand plates) I'd learned enough to know how to make curry taste just like an authentic takeaway.

By being in the kitchen I could see what the chefs did, and how they did it, I've picked up quite a few tips.

I gathered intelligence, and now I want to share.

This is the fundamental principle behind Curry Spy.

Whether you want to know about madras, korma or a super hot phaal, or you are looking for that one curry that you want to try and recreate, I've been there and got the (onion smelling) t-shirt.

Thanks for joining me!