Spice Storage for Cupboards | 2022 Updated Guide!

While making curry at home can be pretty great there is a downside. Where on earth are you going to put all of those spice jars? Glass jars keep your curry spices fresh, but it can be a nuisance keeping your shelves free. So what's the answer? Well today I will show you how you can easily free up loads of cupboard space and keep all of your spices within easy reach! If you are looking for a decent cupboard spice rack, check out my reviews below to get a good idea!

What is the Best Cupboard Spice Rack? Quick Answer.

For the money, I'd recommend the X-Cosrack spice rack. It is one of the most solidly built spice racks out there. The cast iron finish and good looks are an added bonus. It will allow you to organize your bottles and keep your worktop clear.

Here's the standout features of this 5 tier spice rack: -

  • Room for up to 64 spices
  • Extra hooks for seasonings
  • Mixed sizes of spice storage solutions
  • extra large bottom shelf

How Do You Store Spice Jars in Kitchen Cabinets?

Not stuffed into a drawer that's for sure! If you are struggling for space or just want to free up or save room in your kitchen then here is a quick guide to getting your collection of spices organised affectively: -

1) Make sure everything is visible. If you can't see it you won't use it.

2) Use a system to help you search for whichever spice you need. Colour coordinate, alphabetical order, sort by cuisine type... Whatever works for you.

3) Label your spices clearly.

4) Big items at the back or below. Small jars of spice at the top and front.

5) Prioritise most often used items. Try and stick to the above, but if you use something more regularly, put it in the center or a free space.

6) Be brutal and do a 'purge'. We've all got that old test tube full of dried out oregano knocking around in our spice rack. Do yourself a favour. Bin it.

7) Don't keep any spices in drawers. It literally goes against all of the other tips above!

Why Get a Wall Mounted Spice Rack? | 4 Fab Reasons

There are plenty of reasons to get a spice rack, and very few downsides. Here are some of the reasons why they are a great idea...

They Help to Keep Your Kitchen Tidy

Spice jars tend to be relatively small. As a result they can start to make any free space you have in your kitchen look cluttered. A spice rack literally forms part of a one-stop-shop, a place where you can assemble your collection of spices without having to launch a search party for the cumin!

A Spice Rack Uses 'Dead Space'

A spice rack can actually allow you to keep your kitchen workspace free!


Easy, they go on the back of your cupboard door. This keeps unsightly jars out of the way and utilises the gap really effectively. Provided you choose a spice rack that is relatively shallow, you can close the door and still have all of that cupboard room free for other things!

You Don't have to Search for Spices

Because a spice rack tends to display everything in single file, it is available at a glance. If you've followed my advice with the above and organised your spices, you'll be able to find them much more easily.

A Spice Rack can Improve Your Cooking

Wait, what? How?

Tidy rack, tidy chef. Am I being to vague? Take a look at this pro at work...

Is he rooting through kitchen cabinets and toppling over jars, or is he whipping up a curry in the blink of an eye?

It's all about having everything accessible and easy to use at a moment's notice.

Spice Storage Solutions | 6 of the Best Fully Reviewed!

Best spice rack

If your spice drawer has suddenly become a little messy then this pantry door mounted offering should be great. Simply attach it to the back of your kitchen cupboard doors insert your spices and that's about it!

The rack features 5 tiers that will hold up to 40 standard sized spices and help keep your other drawers tidy.

The only downside I can see is that you'll need a fairly tall spice cupboard to accommodate the larger version, and the smaller 3 tier rack isn't much cheaper (and you can't store as many spices).

I Loved: -

  • The sheer amount of storage. 40 jars worth should definitely allow you to squeeze in all of your spices.
  • The lower rail prevents your jars and test tubes from flying out.
  • The Chrome finish adds a touch of style

I didn't like: -

  • It doesn't have spices included
  • The height of the shelves is fixed
  • You'll need a tall kitchen cupboard to accommodate it.

best two tier spice rack

If the 5 tier spice rack above was a bit big, then you need to check this one out. It is compact, and because it comes in 2 separate tiers, you can position it any way (and anywhere) you choose. This rack is actually formed of two separate shelves, so will be a handy way to keep your spices to hand when in the kitchen.

I used to have this one wall mounted so I had all of my herbs and spices on display and within easy reach, but this spice rack could just as easily be mounted inside a kitchen cabinet.

I Loved: -

  • That I could easily mount my spices on any wall
  • The dual option fittings, either stick on a screw in
  • Its slightly deeper than some spice racks, allowing you to store bigger extras, like say, salt, or bottles.

I Didn't Like:-

  • This is most certainly a budget option.
  • Because it is pretty deep it could create problems with another shelf.

best rotating spice rack for cupboard

Sometimes it isn't a case of shelf space being a problem, more organisation.

When cooking in the kitchen, you want a handy way to find and locate your spices easily. Spice racks like these allow you to stay organised while also keeping your spice cupboard neat. With room for plenty of jars and bottles this spice rack effectively extends your existing shelf space and allows you to easily rotate it to display whatever you need to hand.

You'll see in my tips below that one of the things you are looking for by buying a spice rack is the ability to easily see everything at once. You could even keep it on the worktop!

I Loved: -

  • It is easy to clean
  • It takes up very little space
  • You can mount it on a worktop

I Didn't Like: -

  • You can only use it in a cupboard below eye level, not quite as handy as a rack.
  • It doesn't exactly scream 'style'.
  • It can be hard to stack neatly.

three tier spice storage

If you are looking for a simple solution then this could be the one for you. Forget baskets and drilling a rack into your kitchen cupboard doors. Instead create a three tier spice storage shelf that will allow you to search for things easily!

Put the most used and smallest stuff at the front, large bottles at the back and use the rest of the space as you wish!

The material used to make this shelf is tough and durable plastic, meaning it is also a breeze to keep clean if you spill the paprika, or whatever! Because you will be able to see everything it will save you time and also allow you to declutter.

I Loved: -

  • It can make quite a nice display on top of your kitchen counter
  • It doesn't require drilling into the kitchen wall or cabinet (unlike a rack)
  • Its made of super durable and easy to clean material

I Didn't Like:-

  • There is quite a lot of 'dead space' underneath the unit that I feel could be better utilised.
  • If you've got different sized, but often used spice jars, organisation can be tricky

best spice storage for cupboards

Big and classy? If you are someone who likes a bit of style in their kitchen then this is a great solution. When cooking curry you want a spice rack that you can see everything at a glance.

This is it.

This spice rack houses a whopping 64 jars! Try fitting that in a drawer!

This rack would be a welcome edition to any kitchen. The cast iron finish gives a touch of style and is super classy! It comes included with durable fittings as well (which you are going to need as it could get a little heavy when laden with spice!

This is actually a six tier spice rack as it also comes with 5 hooks perfect for things like bags of onions and garlic!

I Loved: -

  • This is one good looking spice rack! The cast iron finish looks ace and will compliment any kitchen!
  • Each section is adjustable
  • It's huge.

I Didn't Like: -

  • It is really heavy when fully loaded
  • The spice racks rail is just a little too low for my liking

custom spice storage space

I get that not every kitchen has standard fittings. and often you are looking for a custom solution.

Well, this is exactly what you get with this spice rack!

You've got options both in colour and size! With 14 different colours to choose from and a range of size options these spice racks are especially nice and will fit in practically any kitchen. Mount them on the side of a kitchen cabinet, or within, the choice is yours.

The only downside I can see is that there isn't a no drill option.


When you consider that these are handmade in England, I think this spice rack is of particularly great value!

I Loved: -

  • The choice of sizes and colours, match the paint work of your kitchen!
  • It's made in England
  • It fits standard sized jars.

I Didn't Like: -

  • That you will have to drill into your cabinet!

Final Thoughts...

Choosing a good quality spice rack doesn't need to be difficult. Pick something that will save space and keep your worktop free. It will also need to easily house standard sized jars and a few extras. Pick a good one, stick to my tips on organising your kitchen above and make something special. What's on the menu? And is it spicy? Let me know in the comments below!

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Spice Storage: - Being organised is half the battle in making great curry. Spices can be notoriously hard to keep tidy. That's why I tend to use a spice rack like this. You can arrange your spices by size, heat, or any way you choose. I've got a detailed review of several Indian spice racks in this guide.

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