8 Core American Principles That Are Disappearing

Freedom of Speech: The concept of free speech is being challenged by debates over censorship, cancel culture, and online regulation, raising questions about the boundaries of expression and acceptable discourse.

Political Civility: Increasing polarization has eroded political civility, with growing divisiveness and hostility between different ideological groups.

Rule of Law: Some argue that the rule of law is under threat due to concerns over political corruption, unequal application of justice, and erosion of trust in institutions.

Social Equality: While progress has been made in advancing social equality, disparities persist in areas such as income, education, and access to healthcare, leading to ongoing debates about social justice and systemic discrimination.

Federalism: The balance of power between the federal government and states has shifted over time, with debates over states' rights versus federal oversight in areas like healthcare, education, and environmental regulation.

Individualism vs. Collectivism: The emphasis on individual rights and personal freedom is sometimes seen as conflicting with efforts to promote collective well-being and community interests.

Religious Freedom: Discussions continue over the boundaries of religious freedom, particularly concerning issues such as LGBTQ+ rights, reproductive rights, and separation of church and state.

Economic Opportunity: Concerns persist over economic mobility and the American Dream, with debates over income inequality, access to education, and job opportunities.

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