8 Of The Most Shark-Infested Waters In The World

New Smyrna Beach, Florida, USA: This area is often referred to as the "Shark Attack Capital of the World" due to its high number of shark encounters, mainly with blacktip sharks.

Reunion Island, Indian Ocean: Reunion Island has seen a notable increase in shark attacks in recent years, primarily involving bull sharks.

South Africa: The waters around South Africa, particularly in areas like Mossel Bay and Gansbaai, are known for a high concentration of great white sharks.

Western Australia: Locations such as Margaret River and Perth have a significant presence of great white sharks and tiger sharks.

Hawaii, USA: Hawaiian waters are home to various shark species, including tiger sharks, Galapagos sharks, and whitetip reef sharks.

Brazil: Coastal waters of Brazil, especially around Recife, have been known for shark attacks, particularly involving bull sharks.

Bahamas: The Bahamas have a healthy population of various shark species, attracting shark divers and enthusiasts from around the world.

French Polynesia: Islands like Tahiti and Bora Bora have a diverse shark population, with encounters often occurring during diving and snorkeling activities.

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