8 Things To Paint In Your Home That Aren't Walls


Give old or plain furniture a new lease on life by painting it. Wooden chairs, tables, dressers, and bookshelves can be transformed with a fresh coat of paint.

Cabinet Doors

Upgrade your kitchen or bathroom by painting the cabinet doors. This can instantly refresh the look of the space.

Interior Doors

Interior doors can be painted to add a pop of color or create contrast within your home. Choose a color that complements the overall color scheme of the room.


Consider painting the ceiling for a dramatic and unexpected change. You can go for a classic white or experiment with a bold color to create visual interest.


If you have wooden or concrete floors, you might explore the option of painting them. Stenciled patterns or geometric designs can add a unique touch to your floors.


Painted stair risers or even the entire staircase can become a focal point in your home. It's a creative way to add personality and flair to a typically overlooked area.

Plant Pots

Elevate the look of your indoor or outdoor plants by painting the pots. This allows you to match them to your decor or introduce vibrant colors for a playful touch.

Window Frames

Enhance the appearance of your windows by painting the frames. Whether it's a subtle neutral or a contrasting color, painted window frames can frame the view and add character to the room.

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