The Top 7 States With the Most Bison in America

South Dakota: South Dakota is home to a large number of bison, particularly in places like Custer State Park and Badlands National Park.


Wyoming: Wyoming has significant bison herds, with many ranches and wildlife reserves dedicated to their conservation and management.

Montana: Bison are prevalent in Montana, especially in Yellowstone National Park and various state and tribal lands.

Nebraska: Nebraska is another state with a substantial bison population, often found in parks, reserves, and private ranches.

North Dakota: North Dakota has several bison herds, including those in Theodore Roosevelt National Park and other protected areas.

Colorado: Bison are well-established in Colorado, with numerous herds managed for conservation and tourism purposes.

Alaska: Although not contiguous with the Lower 48 states, Alaska is home to the largest remaining free-roaming bison herd in the United States on Kodiak Island.

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