The 8 Smells That Armadillos Absolutely Hate

Mothballs: Armadillos are known to dislike the strong odor of mothballs. Placing mothballs around your property or garden may deter them from entering.

Ammonia: The strong scent of ammonia can be unpleasant for armadillos. Dilute ammonia with water and spray it in areas where armadillos frequent.

Garlic: The pungent smell of garlic can repel armadillos. Crush garlic cloves and spread them in areas where armadillos dig or forage.

Vinegar: Armadillos may be deterred by the acidic smell of vinegar. Mix vinegar with water and spray it around your yard or garden to discourage them.

Pepper: Spicy scents like cayenne pepper or black pepper can irritate armadillos' sensitive noses. Sprinkle pepper powder in areas where armadillos are active.

Citrus: Armadillos may dislike the smell of citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, or grapefruits. Place citrus peels or use citrus-scented sprays around your property.

Castor Oil: Some people use castor oil as a natural repellent for armadillos. Mix castor oil with water and spray it on the ground in affected areas.

Predator Urine: The scent of predator urine, such as coyote or fox urine, can signal danger to armadillos and deter them from entering your property. Commercial predator urine products are available for use in gardens.

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