The 9 Smells That Squirrels and Chipmunks Hate

Peppermint: Squirrels and chipmunks are known to dislike the strong scent of peppermint. Placing peppermint oil-soaked cotton balls or using peppermint plants around your garden can help deter them.

Garlic: The pungent smell of garlic can be effective in repelling squirrels and chipmunks. You can crush garlic cloves and spread them around the areas you want to protect.

Cayenne Pepper: Spicy scents like cayenne pepper can be irritating to squirrels and chipmunks. Sprinkle cayenne pepper powder in areas where they frequent.

Onion: The strong odor of onions can deter these rodents. Placing onion slices or onion-soaked water in spray bottles can help repel them.

Vinegar: The acidic smell of vinegar can be unpleasant for squirrels and chipmunks. Mix vinegar with water and spray it around your garden or areas they frequent.

Mothballs: The strong chemical smell of mothballs can deter rodents, but use caution as they can be toxic if ingested by pets or wildlife.

Eucalyptus: Squirrels and chipmunks may dislike the smell of eucalyptus oil. Soaking cotton balls in eucalyptus oil and placing them strategically can help keep them away.

Lavender: The calming scent of lavender can act as a natural repellent for squirrels and chipmunks. Planting lavender bushes or using lavender essential oil around your garden can be effective.

Predator Urine: The scent of predator urine, such as from foxes or coyotes, can signal danger to squirrels and chipmunks, deterring them from the area. Commercial predator urine products are available for use in gardens.

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