Tips For Impeccable Hair Without Leaving The Comfort Of Home

Water dilates the hair from the inside. When done too often, the hair becomes frizzy and brittle.

Get it wet less frequently

On the days you wash your hair, use a pre-shampoo treatment. This product acts as a sealant, which helps decrease the damage caused to the hair during and after washing.

Have the right products

There is an array of shampoos out there.But you  should  choose one having proteins that  repair damaged hair and strengthen your hairs.

Choose the right shampoo

Most people use conditioner to minimize frizzing and improve shine. But conditioning is particularly important if you normally use a blow-dryer or flatiron.

Rethink your conditioner

Heat is one of hair's worst enemies. Because of this, it is best to use a product that offers heat protection.

Use layers

After washing the hair, wrap the hair in a towel to remove excess water and then dry your hair with paper towel. You'll be surprised by how much water the paper towel will retain. By

Reduce brow-drying time

The hair remains warm after blow-drying or strengthening. A good practice is to use the cold button on your hair dryer for few minutes.

Cool your hair

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